Technical Services Manager

Location: International

The Technical Service Manager shall be responsible for ensuring the availability of all technical data required for work execution and job order management. He shall coordinate the activities of the technical department, of the work accounting department and of the external design studios, as well as those of the laboratory.

More specifically, the Technical Service Manager shall take care of:

  • Ensuring, by coordinating internal resources and any external designers:  the drawing up of the construction drawings, based on the project drawings, the design of the temporary works, the drawing up of the as-built drawings and the definition of the work methods, jointly with the Building Supervisor and with the Site Manager
  • Ensuring the drawing up and the update of the work program and of the estimate of the resources required for its implementation.
  • Supporting, on the basis of the work program, the drawing up of the plan detailing the machinery/equipment and labour force requirements, of the procurement plan and of the job order budget,  providing  the Procurement department with the definition of the procurement specifications
  • Ensuring the drawing up of the Quality Control Plans and the execution of the required audits, inspections, final tests and lab tests, keeping the relevant documents.
  • Taking care, with the support of the Work Accounting Manager, of accounting record-keeping for the work assets and the subcontract and concession works and of the drawing up of the Work Progress Reports, in accordance with the provisions contained in the contract
  • Ensuring that the relevant tasks are carried out in compliance with the quality, environment and safety specifications.


  • 5/10 years of experience as Technical Service Manager in the building and/or infrastructure field
  • Degree in civil engineering
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English or French
  • Knowledge of contractual documents and of their interpretation in terms of design and implementation