Bridge Works Construction Manager

Location: International

Bridge Works Construction Manager

The Construction Manager is responsible for the execution of the operational works forecasted by the contract, for the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources made available and in accordance with the planning.


  • Ensure the execution of the works, respecting the work program and the technical specifications, optimizing the use of resources to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the works.
  • Coordinate production activities and monitor and plan the resources required for carrying out the work.
  • Verify and guarantee the correct execution of the works, respecting the times and the rules, of the technical specifications, as well as quality, safety and environment requirements.
  • Check the flow of supply of materials on site, in order to comply with the work program.
  • Manage, in coordination with the Plant and Machinery Unit, the equipment / machinery park in charge of the construction site and guarantee its correct maintenance.
  • Coordinate, in accordance with the Quality Control Plan and in collaboration with the Technical Services Manager, the execution of the tests, checks and tests, highlighting any non-compliance and implementing corrective actions with the Site Manager.
  • Coordinate the activities of subcontractors, ensuring the correct and efficient use of resources for the purposes of compliance with the work program.
  • Manage the personnel present on site under his responsibility.


  • 5+ years experience as a Bridge works Construction Manager, for construction companies specializing in complex infrastructures;
  • Degree in civil engineering
  • Fluent English