Senior Contract Specialist

Location: Denmark

The Contract Specialist’s responsibility is the management of all contractual aspects through the preparation of the required contractual correspondence, the management of subcontracting, the maintenance of relations deriving from the contractual management as well as the coordination and negotiation of claims.


  • Support project management in the interpretation of existing contracts with the Client and subcontractors, ensuring the transposition of the technical and administrative requirements specified in the clauses and / or contractual specifications.
  • Propose to the Project Manager and the Site Manager improvements to the contractual clauses, in order to identify the opportunities or mitigate the contractual risks of the contract.
  • Support the Project Manager in the coordination of the order units as regards the management of contractual aspects, reporting any critical issues.
  • Assist the Project Manager in managing the relationships resulting from the forecasts and application of the contract.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the preparation, presentation and negotiation of contractual variants and claims.
  • Assist the Procurement Manager in the formulation of passive contracts, in particular subcontracting, ensuring their congruity with the contract for which they are stipulated.


  • Knowledge of the reference standards for the management of order processes
  • Integrative relationship skills and partnership with the line, partners and institutional interlocutors
  • 5+ years experience as Contract Specialist, for construction companies specialized in civil engineering and complex infrastructures
  • Fluent English
  • Knowing SAP is an advantage