Site Manager

Location: Northern Europe

The Site Manager is responsible for the execution of the works foreseen by the project contract from the technical / operating side, of the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources made available and in accordance with the programming.

Specifically, the responsibilities of the Site Manager are:

  • Ensuring the realization of the works, in compliance with the work schedule and technical specifications, optimizing the use of resources to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the works.
  • Coordinate production activities and monitor and plan the resources required for the execution of the works.
  • Verify and guarantee the correct execution of the works, in compliance with the times and standards, with the applicable technical, quality, safety and environmental prescriptions.
  • Support the Project Manager verifying the progress of the work with respect to the program and the budget, analyzing any deviations and proposing the appropriate corrective actions.
  • Control the supply flow of materials on site, in order to comply with the work schedule.
  • Coordinate, in accordance with the Quality Control Plan and in collaboration with the Technical Services Manager, the execution of tests, checks and inspections, highlighting any non-conformities and implementing appropriate corrective actions with the Project Manager.
  • Coordinate the activities of subcontractors, guaranteeing the correct and efficient use of the resources by the same for the purposes of compliance with the work program.


  • 5 years experience at least as Site Manager, for construction companies specialized in civil engineering and complex infrastructures
  • Degree in civil engineering
  • Fluent English

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