Maritime Technical Office Engineer

Location: Denmark

The Technical Office Engineer with maritime experience reports to the Technical Office Manager. Within the project’s Technical Office he develops drawings and checks those prepared by external designers (e.g. temporary works, construction drawings, as-built, etc.). The Technical Office Engineer will also provide technical support the site in preparing the necessary documents in order to fulfill contract requirements.

More specifically, the Maritime Technical Office Engineer shall take care of:

  • Developing the necessary calculations about site structures for maritime activities, using dedicated software and systems.
  • Making construction drawings and as-built on the basis of project and draw up the technical calculation reports.
  • Carrying out a periodic audit of the documents produced to the adequacy validating of the contractual requirements, proposing if necessary the advices to modify or supplement the documents.
  • Supporting Technical Office Manager in the preparing processes of the Quality Control Plan and Environmental Control Plan with the collaboration of Quality Environmental and Safety Responsible.
  • Ensuring, in his activities, the respect and application of quality, environment and safety specifications and of the guidelines and procedures.


  • 3-6 years of experience as a Technical Office Engineer in construction companies specializing in civil engineering and complex infrastructures
  • Maritime experience
  • Degree in Civil / Hydraulic Engineering
  • Fluent in English